impact investing in Kenya and East Africa

The Nairobi Buzz

Greetings from Nairobi.  Back from a long hiatus and lots to report. I am so impressed with what I have seen so far in regard to social entrepreneurship. The ecosystem is definitely growing both in numbers and experiences. It is great to see so many young people working on ideas that can better the lives of the poor in Kenya.

Demo setup

Just to highlight some events that have happened recently, Demo Africa took place in Nairobi and attracted quite a number of great enterprises. Have a look here. The list of finalists is a testimony of the rise of entrepreneurship and the increased attention of investors on Africa.

Some of the trends noted from Demo Africa include

  • An increase in number of enterprises on hiring and HR management
  • More online shopping applications
  • Applications to leverage the power of mobile money
  • More focus on integrating mobile technology with Agriculture.
  • Low cost technologies to improve the education sector.

MKazi: one of the finalists; an online and mobile recruitment tool.

It is great to see such a diverse group of companies and it will be interesting to see the progress made over the next few years.

Next post will highlight the companies that are working to enhance the field of entrepreneurship in Kenya.



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